Top 5 Keywords Research Tools

Keywords are search phrases people type into search engines to find things on the Internet. Whether you want to write SEO-optimized content or make SEO-friendly videos, keyword research is necessary. However, it’s challenging to do keyword research manually. That’s why you need keyword research tools to find valuable keywords for content creation. In this post, we list the top 5 free keyword research tools so you can choose the best keyword research tool according to your preferences.

Keyword research is also imperative to receiving organic traffic. In the case of content that no one is looking for, you will get zero clicks, regardless of your ranking in the first position.

Best Keyword Research Tools

As we know, it’s easy to rank for low-competition keywords. So you can easily find high-search volume keywords and fewer competition keywords with the help of keyword research tools.

Article keyword research results

Below we list the top 5 keyword research tools to find keywords:

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Neil Patel Keyword Tool

Ubersuggest is a freemium keyword research tool created by Neil Patel. You can effortlessly check search volume, SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty and CPC. You can also check for related keywords. Furthermore, you can use the Ubersuggest Chrome extension to do keyword research.

2. Keyword Sheeter


Keyword Sheeter is our second freemium keyword research tool. Like Ubersuggest, it does not provide keyword search volume, difficulty and CPC. But you can filter the keywords and choose the location to find specific location keywords.

3. Wordstream Keyword Research Tool

WordStream Tool

Our next tool on the list is Wordstream. This tool is a suitable alternative to Google Keyword Planner. You can also choose a country and an industry to filter your keywords. Wordstream provides monthly search volume, page bids (low and high range), and competition.

4. Keyword Tool For SEO is the best keyword research tool. This tool provides keyword search volume, trend, CPC and competition. Further, you can filter positive and negative keywords and find keywords in different languages.

5. Scout Suggest: Free Keyword Research Tool

ScoutSuggest Google autocomplete Research Tool

Scout suggest a free keyword research tool which gives keyword insights differently. You can do keyword research based on language and country. They use the Google autocomplete system to get keywords.


In conclusion, we hope that these tools are really helpful for you. Keyword Research takes a lot of time and hard work.

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