Top 5 Hashtag Research Tools

We use keywords (also known as search queries) to find results in search engines. As well we use Hashtags to discover results on social media. Hence, Hashtags are the most effective way to get more reach on social media. In this article, we uncover the top 5 Hashtag Research Tools.

Hashtag Research Tools Free

Types of Instagram Hashtags

There are five types of hashtags, which are listed below:

1. Popular Hashtags

As the name suggests, hashtags that are very popular on Instagram are known as Popular Hashtags. For Example, #love #like4like #travel #motivation. You can use these hashtags to increase your visibility among a larger audience.

2. Niche-based Hashtags

These Hashtags are specific to a particular industry or niche, for example, #seo and #digitalmarketing. You can use these hashtags to increase visibility among a targeted audience.

3. Brand Hashtags

Hashtags specific to your brand and business are known as brand hashtags, for example, #zomato and #nokia. You can encourage your followers to use your brand or business hashtag to make your brand or business hashtag popular.

4. Location-based Hashtags

These hashtags are specific to a particular city, state, or country, For example, #up, #hr, and #delhi. These hashtags will increase your visibility among local audiences.

5. Campaign Hashtags

These hashtags are specific to a particular campaign or event, For example, #metoo and #climatechanges.

Hashtag Research Tools Free

As Keyword Research is imperative for ranking articles similarly, Hashtag Research is crucial for Social Media Marketing. Hashtag Research Tools can help you get more impressions and engagement on your post. Use the following tools to find relevant hashtags:

5. TagsFinder: Hashtag Generator for Twitter and Instagram

TagsFinder( is the best tool to find the top 30 keywords for your post based on your input keyword. You can find related, similar, banned and country-specific hashtags. Remove the hashtag from the top 30 if it isn’t suitable, and click on the load more button to get the hashtag in replacement of the deleted one.

4. RiteTag: Twitter Hashtag Generator Tool

RiteTag( is another Hashtag Research tool. You can generate hashtags for text and images. Along with that, you can also check hashtag analytics reports. Moreover, you can check similar hashtags related to your keyword. Furthermore, you will be able to find out whether Instagram prohibits the use of this hashtag or not.

3. is one of the most popular tools for keyword and hashtag research. You can check hashtag trends, search volume, CPC, competition and the total number of posts. It’s a freemium tool, so you must pay to access all the features.


Hashtagify( is also on our list of the top 5 hashtag research tools. It’s a fantastic tool because it gives you detailed insights into your search term. It gives you insight into related hashtags, top influencers, recent posts, variants of the hashtags, etc.

1. Toolzu

Toolzu( is the number one hashtag research tool in our top 5 hashtag research tools. Besides a hashtag research tool, they have tons of other features too. You can generate hashtags using a keyword, post link, and image. You can also view the generated hashtags’ search volume and difficulty.

Bonus: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI-powered ChatBot launched by OpenAI. You can use ChatGPT to get hashtags. You have to type a prompt to generate hashtags. For example, I write the prompt, “write some hashtags on blogging”, and ChatGPT gives the following results:


Conclusion: Hashtag Research Tool

These are some hashtag research tools to help you find the most appropriate one to use on social media to engage more people. If you want to execute hashtag marketing, these are essential tools.

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